Welcome from the Artistic Director

Sing, Memory

The 2014 Port Fairy Spring Music Festival is inspired by ‘Memory’. We celebrate the twenty-fifth anniversary of the Festival, and commemorate the tenth anniversary of the death of Michael Easton, the Festival’s co-founder; while also glancing at musical and cultural memory – not least the hundredth anniversary of the First World War.

Mnemosyne may have been mother of all the Muses, but surely music was the art closest to her heart. Time is built into all of its structures, from rondo to sonata form. Our musical canon is a collective act of remembering, as composers and performers speak to and riff off each other through the centuries. Music is also one of the most evocative of arts: like our sense of smell, our sense of sound tracks deep into memory. Our experience of great chamber works is often overlaid with nostalgia, as they transport us into our personal or cultural past.

Join us as we celebrate our twenty-fifth anniversary, and as we lay down new memories for the twenty five years to come.

Anna Goldsworthy